A Quick Guide to Tulum

A Quick Guide to Tulum
Tulum, Mexico has become a hotspot for most travelers due to laxed travel restrictions and amazing IG worthy aesthetics. For those of you who are looking to go to Tulum to have a good time or are foodie lovers, here are some tips on how to enjoy all that Tulum has to offer!

Tip #1: Get a private shuttle ride to Tulum

In order to get to Tulum you have to travel by car from the Cancun International Airport to your hotel/airbnb. The best option is to rent a private shuttle that will cater to you and your party for the hour ride.

Tip #2: Credit cards usage is expensive - have cash AND pesos handy

Most people opt to use credit cards and very little believe in converting money. However, everytime you use your card in MX you will be charged a conversion fee (which adds up in the end) and unless you plan on driving, the cabs in Tulum only take cash or pesos.

Tip #3: The Airbnb is cool but…stay on the beach sis

Most Airbnb’s are about 20mins away from the Tulum strip. Ultimately, the cost to travel back and forth will add up in the end. Coco Tulum is a nice hotel and the room was literally less than 50ft from the beach. The only downside of the hotel was that it was dimly lit.

Tip #4: Tulum was made for eating

Here's a list of restaurants that provide mouth watering food:
  1. La Popular - Located at Nomade Tulum. Known for their grilled octopus!
  2. Taboo Tulum - The best daytime beach parties in town!
  3. Juanita Diavola - This hidden gem provides complimentary breakfast from Coco Tulum. However, lunch is the real treat. Try the shrimp risotto and shrimp pizza!
  4. Kin Toh - As you’re reading this please look at this restaurant and get into the aesthetics.
  5. Matcha Mama - Visit Matcha Mama for tasty smoothie options for breakfast or a light snack.
  6. Aside from the glitz and glamor of beach club restaurants, local spots in Tulum probably provide the best taste of authentic Mexican food!

Tip #5: Leave the ATV’s alones and visit the Cenotes

If you’re a water lover or even nature lover there are many cenotes in Tulum to visit. El Gran Cenote costs $15 USD and you can swim with the tadpoles and turtles. It beats driving through the mud anyday.

Tip #6: Honorable Mentions - Places You Need to Go!

Here are some popular spots in Tulum that deserve recognition:
  1. Ahau Tulum - for the IG worthy sculpture picture
  2. BAK Steakhouse - for 24K gold Steak
  3. Casa Malca aka Pablo Escobar’s Mansion - for IG worthy photos
  4. Find events on @BlackTulum
  5. Tantra Beach Club - for more day party vibes
  6. Latin Ink Tattoos - for tattoo specials

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