Ten Amazon Must Have Travel Essentials

Ten Amazon Must Have Travel Essentials
Even in the midst of a national pandemic traveling is still a sought after experience! Whether you're planning a trip to Tulum, Jamaica or state hopping here are ten Amazon travel essentials you need to have with you:

1- Disposable Masks

Masks in the airport and anywhere you go are a MUST! Like most people I love a good trendy mask. However, it's always useful to have plain disposable ones handy.

2- Portable Chargers

Vacations are meant for photos, tik toks dances, boomerangs and more! Portable chargers are essential to ensure that you capture priceless memories and not have to worry about battery life.

3- Travel Laundry Bag

A compact laundry bag to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes while you travel.

4- Luggage Scale

It's an unwritten rule that going on vacation means packing almost every piece of attire you own because a girl needs options! However, airlines don't operate on the same thought process as we do. A luggage scale will ensure that you don't go over the 50lbs weight limit.

5- Makeup/Toiletries Bag

The makeup/toiletry bag is perfect for organizing your makeup, applicators, and skincare in one compact holder.

6- Travel Mirror

Group trips often mean limited mirror availability. This compact mirror allows you to do your makeup/skin routine anywhere without interruptions.

7- Mini Steamer

Avoid hotel irons ruining your clothes and purchase a steamer to get rid of wrinkles in clothing.

8- Clip On Selfie Ring Light

What’s a bomb picture without good lighting? Have your own mini ring light on the go!

9- Travel Medicine Kit

Nothing's worse than unexpectedly getting sick while out of the country. The medicine kit will help you stay prepared to combat common illnesses.

10- Neck Pillow

While airplane seats recline (barely) they do little to support your neck while traveling. Whether your flight is 2hrs or 10 you deserve awesome sleep!

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